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After watching this video I'm itching to get my carvers out and go into fast speed cruise control, lush piste skiing. Salomon bring together the legend, the champion and the young blood in Val d'Isere to reveal the sensation of the perfect turn.

Our Partner ski school Ski 2 is looking for instructors for the upcoming Holiday periods over New Year. Please click through to find out more.

Fantastic snow conditions has led to few remaining places on our courses. Don't waiver, speak to our Trainers and don't miss out on this seasons training opportunities.

Glorious day for our trainees in Val d'Isere, very excited starting the season with awesome weather conditions.

Great snow and the lifts are open, what are you waiting for? OPEN - 25th November 2017 to 1st May 2018

BASI President Sir Steve Redgrave skiing with the groups in Zermatt, Mark Jones ICE Trainer is presently training the BASI Level 2 group.

Everyone needs to watch this, even if you think you are prepared, check, then check again, have the right kit and know how to use it! Even with our BASI 1 courses we train in avalanche awareness.

Beautiful snow covered slopes in Val d'Isere today and its only 17th November. More snow on its way on Sunday.

I rarely watch TV, however, when I do get that golden moment to sit and relax, I have found a great App for some short inspiring videos. The films tease me to get back out on the slopes again, some great quality videos without flicking through the channels. Download the Salomon TV App: iOS: http://apple.co/2rFNEzy

Wow, did anyone see Dave Ryding's first slalom at Levi? He knocked them out the park, first place with an awesome first run, then gaining ground to an astonishing half a second lead on the second. Unfortunately he lost an edge in the last half, but what a cracking way to start the season. Enormous potential to achieve another medal this year, many more World Cup races plus the Olympics to come this season, it's going to be an exciting season ahead for Dave.

There's snow and masses of it! A metre of fresh snow on the glaciers, a foot of snow in Val d'Isere village and its mid November, it doesn't get better than this! Get some training in before your course or just come out and ski for fun, there are some great deals to be had early December. Photo courtesy of YSE

It's here already and lots of it. Snow! Photo below of the piste we meet for training in the winter every day. Can't wait to start! More snow forecast for this week too. Good snow in November normally means we are going to have a cracking good winter. Come join us :-) Photo courtesy of YSE

If you are struggling, this is a great video to enthuse you of the outdoors and the possibilities to improve your fitness before the season begins. These guys take it to the next level, but there is no reason you can't start small, cycle to Uni/work, jog round the block, we all have to start somewhere. However, the fitter you are the quicker your skiing improvement will be as soon as you are on the slopes. If you have signed up to an ICE course this winter, get your trainers on and go outdoors. We have seen it many a time, those who are fitter but weaker skiers to start off with on a course, are often the ones who come out on top, as they have the stamina and fitness to absorb the new techniques and to power on.

We have lots of young guns sign up for ICE courses but we also have requests from more mature skiers (is over 40 old?) Naah! This video just proves that you are as young as you feel and all your body needs is to be pushed to higher levels. You'll never too old to go on an ICE course, its only your mentality that will forbid it. Ageing pro freeskier, Mike Douglas explores, diet, fitness and mentality to decide when is too old or not!

Look no further, Lynn Mill and the team of women testers put all the skis through their paces and agreed on three top skis to buy this coming season. Firstly the Salomon QST LUX 92 fantastic both on and off the piste really adapts to its terrain with energy, and a smooth ride. Built on a Spaceframe construction with full Woodcore, it balances on-piste power and soft snow flotation. The Blizzard Sheeva 10 super manoeuvrable but stable due to the titanium plate spreading the strength along the length of the ski. The remaining top ski was the Volkl 90Eight W another great performing ski super fun regardless of whether conditions were light and fluffy or heavier. You can't go wrong this season if you pick one of these three skis.

SkiEasy are looking for dynamic, hard working, quality ski and board instructors for London's newest indoor ski centre in the heart of Chiswick. Full and part time available. Read more...

ICE Trainer Mark Jones leading the ski test team evaluating the best men's freeride skis for this season. Three top skis to choose from, Salomon QST 99, Volkl 90eight, and the Head Core 93.

If you booked up on a normal package ski holiday last year you may have been asked if you wanted to donate a £1 towards helping winter athletes reach their potential. If you did, well done as you have helped contribute to the grants awarded to some of our young talent and hopefully future Winter Olympians. The money went towards the British Ski and Snowboard National Foundation, who have just awarded their first grants out for this season. Read more to find out who are the lucky young guns.

Just to tantalise the taste buds, some summer snowboarding vibes to get us warmed up for the on coming season. Salomon Snowboards reunites in Mt. Hood for some classic action.

In one word, NO! We can cater for a large range of abilities since there are many groups on the course. Because of this, if you are already a good skier your level will be pushed with other good skiers around you. Our trainers train and assess to the highest levels in BASI so there is no ceiling to your improvement. Similarly if you are an inexperienced skier or rider you will be in a group with similar abilities so your needs will be met in this respect too. Read more...

Love the trailer, can't wait for the full movie. Awesome skiing by Josh, Alexi, Stan, Chris, Jordy and Leah. Get your bearings with the collective, Salomon has harnessed a team of awe inspiring skiers in British Colombia and produced some truly brilliant skiing shots. Although for one skier who lost his bearings hopefully we will see in the full movie that the crash ends well!

Good news, we always like to hear of snow in the Val d'Isere and Tignes in Autumn, and a snow dusting is always music to our ears. Snow in Autumn provides a great start to the build up of winter, it could mean it might be a great winter. Picture from the Grande Motte.

Which course is right for you? One of the questions we are asked most is "How do I go about becoming a ski instructor". This article is designed to answer those questions, but if you have any specific questions, please feel free to call and speak direct to one of our BASI trainers on 0870 760 7360 (option 3) who will happily make time for a chat.

There is no need anymore for a snow dance, or praying to the snow lords, Val d'Isere is all over it, taking matters into their own hands, all hale the snow cannons! Last season Val d'Isere was one of the top resorts for snow cover due to world-record production of artificial snow early in the winter. This provided a fantastic base required to elongate the season, and anyone skiing on May 1st will agree that the skiing was one of the best for the time of year. Reports of no snow, definitely not in Val d'Isere. Read more...

Searing 30 degree heat is not what Mark Jones is used to when instructing BASI courses, however in this instance he was in Beijing, China. Requested to deliver BASI 1 to a group located in Beijing in the worlds largest Snowdome. Located 40km from the city centre and 15km from the airport, Qiaobo Snow Dome is Beijing’s only indoor skiing environment.The 40,000-square-meter park is divided into four parts to separate the boarders trying to land 1080 nosebones off the ramps from the kids more concerned with making snow angels to the serious skiers. The French Alps it certainly is not, but Qiaobo offers year-round snow and is a perfect place for beginners to get their first taste of skiing and snowboarding. Read more to find out how Mark got on...

Hot weather, winter season 6 months away, no need to think about fitness, WRONG! We talk about fitness all the time at ICE, it is one of the key ingredients in succeeding and accelerating your learning on an ICE course. If you can introduce it into your everyday routine it is far easier to ramp it up a notch come September. Or perhaps you are already a Ski Instructor, Personal Trainers or physiotherapist and want to assess others, design personal conditioning programmes and know how to implement them with optimal technique. Skifitness.tv has a lot of answers from their conditioning programmes for for a first time skier to 1 Day Fitness Workshops for the professionals. Read more...

Don't lose your fitness over summer. At ICE we always emphasise the importance of keeping up your exercise and maintaining that vital core strength. If you are on a course next year and you are fit, your skill level will improve exponentially compared to your less athletic peers. Trail running is a good way to improve your core, with obstacles like roots or rocks—requires you to engage your core muscles for stability adapting to the terrain. Salomon are holding four trail running events around the country in Leeds, Edinburgh, London and Bristol, this is a great opportunity to get motivated and keep up or start improving your fitness. To sign up and find further information read more on www.salomonsunsetseries.co.uk

Alpine Skiing is going through an "evolution, but not a revolution" chairman Bernhard Russi described. The Alpine Committee recently grouped its members at Portoroz to hear the sub committee proposals. FIS is going through some changes, discussions were around some of the new rules are with regard to course setting, basic quota and online entries, however the biggest change that has caused some complications to the racers is the new speed starting order. Contested was the that the athlete ranked 10 in WCSL-DH always had to start first in training runs, therefore always being the guinea pig test pilot for the others. To avoid this situation the skiers ranked 1 to 10 WCSL will now be drawn between bibs 1 to 19 (uneven numbers) for the training runs. Visit FIS-ski.com for further details.

I am often asked, what do I need to take? I say "we are going high, steep, on rocks, in powder, climbing, skiing and hopefully not falling! What do you need, EVERYTHING!" Do not lighten your load of those essential items. Tony Lamiche and Alex Pittin put a great film together that sum up what to bring when going steep in the mountains.

Let loose in Laax, Salomon boarders Flo Corzelius, Max Buri, Raffi Kossmann, Johan Nordhag, Jeron Lohner and Sebi Springeth celebrated the end of season with some good old fashioned park ripping.

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