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Snowsports Employment



To work in Italy, a UK instructor has 2 options:

  • A BASI Level 2 Instructor can work for a limited time for an official ski school, or take private clients. A recent verdict from the court of Trento, (Sent. N. 587/04 19/05/2004) published 05/07/2004, established that a ski instructor with a qualified licence of any grade, issued by a federation of a European Community country, can legally work according to the Italian regional rules in some provinces, for up to 15 days in one season, but this time can be different in other regions. You must confirm with the Collegio Regionale who you are working for and where.

  • To work for a ski school, or work with private clients, for the season, an instructor must have BASI Level 4 ISTD Qualification, (Formally Grade 1) and apply to the Collegio Regionale for authorisation.
Work Permit

As Italy is a member of the EU, work permits are not required.

Other Requirements

None known

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