Ski Fitness Training

Hot weather, winter season 6 months away, no need to think about fitness, WRONG! We talk about fitness all the time at ICE, it is one of the key ingredients in succeeding and accelerating your learning on an ICE course. If you can introduce it into your everyday routine it is far easier to ramp it up a notch come September. Or perhaps you are already a Ski Instructor, Personal Trainers or physiotherapist and want to assess others, design personal conditioning programmes and know how to implement them with optimal technique. has a lot of answers from their conditioning programmes for for a first time skier to 1 Day Fitness Workshops for the professionals. 
Ski Fitness Workshops
For ski instructors, fitness instructors, personal trainers, physiotherapists, sports therapists, skiers, snowboarders and anyone wants to learn the latest strategies in snowsports conditioning.
First and foremost you will learn how to dramatically improve your own fitness but will also be given the tools to coach others.
Conditioning for Snowsports Athletes
1 day workshop
You will learn how to assess individuals, design personalised conditioning programmes and how to implement them with optimal technique. You will take away a programme to improve your own fitness as well as the skills, tools and support material for coaching clients.
  • Assessment - posture, core, body composition, movement screening, needs and goals
  • Programme design - Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type
  • Exercise technique for optimal performance and injury flags
  • Detailed training theory e.g. intensity vs density, repetition reserve, neutral spine, fun theory etc.
  • Revenue streams
Nutrition & Lifestyle for Snowsports Athletes
1 day workshop
As important, if not more important, for high performance is recovery, nutrition and lifestyle. This is a challenging, myth-busting workshop that will change your mindset and your body. As above, you will devise a personalised programme for yourself and be given the tools and materials to coach clients.
  • Recovery strategies
  • De-bunking nutrition myths
  • Devising personalised diet plans
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Mental strategies and the futility of traditional goal-setting
  • Holistic health and high performance
Workshop Instructors:
  • Ollie Martin - Performance Director and author of Ski Fitness. Sports scientist, elite athlete and CHEK Practitioner with 25 years athlete conditioning and 35 years skiing experience.
  • Stephanie Blaise Masters - BASI ISIA Level 3 Ski Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer with Strength and Conditioning. BSc. Hons. Exercise and Sports Science.
Investment: Both workshops £350 - Early bird £250. One workshop £200 - Early bird £150
Dates: Saturday 16th September 2017 - Conditioning - Early bird 16th August. Sunday 17th September 2017 - Nutrition & Lifestyle - Early bird 16th August
Venue: Takeshape Health, Dairy Business Park, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 4QP, UK
Tel: 07803 002236

Posted: 21/06/2017