Skiing and training BASI 1 in China

Searing 30 degree heat is not what Mark Jones is used to when instructing BASI courses, however in this instance he was in Beijing, China. Requested to deliver BASI 1 to a group located in Beijing in the worlds largest Snowdome. Located 40km from the city centre and 15km from the airport, Qiaobo Snow Dome is Beijing’s only indoor skiing environment.The 40,000-square-meter park is divided into four parts to separate the boarders trying to land 1080 nosebones off the ramps from the kids more concerned with making snow angels to the serious skiers. The French Alps it certainly is not, but Qiaobo offers year-round snow and is a perfect place for beginners to get their first taste of skiing and snowboarding. 
Mark was overwhelmed by the level of dedication and commitment of the group he was teaching, having studied their BASI training manuals prior to course, their theory was spot on, reciting skiing fundamentals by heart. It was a fantastic group and absolute joy to teach. With interpreter at hand, communication was key in engaging the group to not only be better skiers themselves but to get them to engage in their emotions, smiling and being animated when teaching their own students. They all passed with flying colours and Mark was proud of his group taking on board his comments with absolute commitment. Mark is looking forward to going back to China later in the year. 

Posted: 22/07/2017