Brand new gondola lift in Val d'Isere

Those of you who are familiar with Val d'Isere will recognize this view although you may not have seen it without snow. This is the site of the old 4 man bubble car that goes up and down to the Folie Douce from La Daille. The old gondola was prone to closures from the wind and would be backed up by the equally rickety Etroits chairlift.
Now they have both gone and a new 10 man gondola with wifi and heated seats will be in place for 2018/19 season which starts at the end of November. Couple this with the Funival (train) where the ICE courses meet in the mornings and you have the fastest and most efficient way into the ski area that you can imagine. Meet at 9.00am and by 9.15am you will be skiing. Pretty impressive stuff and 'just another' massive lift to cement Val d'Isere as the most efficient resort in the World. 

Posted: 03/09/2018