It's time, time to go deep!

Injury Prevention
None of us want to be chalet bound nursing an injury whilst your mates are out skiing, You need to invest time in your body before venturing to the Alps, if you are fit and strong you are less likely to get injured.
Who wants to be the bright red one gasping for breath watching your mates already at the bottom of the slope catching the next lift? No takers? So start now, walking to start, then increase to a jog, a gym class, spinning, we all know what we can do to raise our heart rates. The more you do before the season, the better you'll feel on the slopes.
Learning Trajectory  
It's difficult learning new techniques, but it is even harder if you are not fit. You will accelerate your learning exponentially if you are fit and strong. That lactic acid build up will get you in the end, so be proactive and prevent it. 
There are many ways to get fit and plenty of YouTube ski fitness videos, so there should be no excuses. Cycling, running, stair climbing, even a bit of running man, these will all help you get fit. If that's all too sweaty for you, pilates and yoga are fantastic for core strength but sitting on the settee isn't, so its time to play and get active.
Image by: Ambient Images courtesy of Salomon 

Posted: 27/09/2018