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We believe we deliver a great product at ICE, but don't just take our word for it.
Here is what some of the thousands of instructors who have trained with ICE thought of their course.

  • Having spent the winter season with ICE on the Level 3 training course, I can say without any doubt that it was the best investment I've ever made - there is simply no way I would of completed levels 1 to 3 in my first season without the exceptional training and support that these guys have provided. The vibe is incredible, organisation is slick, the professionalism, friendliness and dedication of the trainers is second to none. As for the value for money, there is no other course out there like this - it is structured in a way that you are able to complete all of the Level 3 modules in one resort, in one season, saving you both money and hassle. I would recommend ICE to anyone who is serious about progressing their career as a snowsports instructor.
  • I've been reflecting since my return on the last 6 weeks, and just wanted to pass on my gratitude and thanks for all of ICE's professionalism support and help. To say it was a great 6 weeks is a terrible understatement. It was a wonderful life and learning experience, and a really different perspective on everything.
    I met some wonderful great people from all ages, backgrounds and reasons for being there, who along with ICE helped and supported me along the way.
    I'd especially like to thanks Dave, and Ru T who guided and Instructed me in the early weeks, and specifically Mark who Instructed, mentored, trained us through a tough BASI 2.

  • The course was absolutely fantastic, I got LOADS out of it and had a lot of fun. I wanted more touring experience - Alain found us lovely snow, gave useful tips on reading snow and walking technique and his special analogies will forever stay with me� never have I been told to ski like a marshmallow with chicken bone legs, sleep on my skis and THANK moguls � so many laughs! I also wanted to do some steeper stuff as I�ve gotten lazy and lost my nerve the past few years - Rupert certainly covered that yesterday and I think, finished me off (along with the scary omelette)! He is fantastic instructor and a lot of fun, thank you! I feel inspired and motivated and can�t wait to get back out again, massive thanks to you all, I�ll definitely be in touch again and recommend you to friends.

  • I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much to the guys at ICE and let BASI know as a trainee I was very impressed and pleased to have used ICE. I will definitely recommend them to other trainees I know.

    The pre-course information through ICE was fantastic and booking on the course was very easy and painless. Things like the ICE facebook page for the trainee's were a great way for the students to organise accommodation and travel arrangements. In resort the course was run very professionally and I know all the trainees/candidates on my course got so much out of the course.

    I personally though Renelle Mortimer our snowboard trainer was a outstanding. The course was ran in a fun way but was very 'focused' and she really motivated us to do our very best and get all that we could from the course. I feel she really got the absolute maximum out of all the candidates on the course and as a side note will be booking up with Renelle for some personal early season coaching come November 2014.

    Thanks Rupert at ICE and big thanks to Renelle at Fresh snowboarding. Enjoy your summer guys.

  • I just wanted to tell you how successful Ross has been in his chosen career since completing his Level 1 and 2 skiing instructor qualifications with ICE in 2011. As you know he had only skied for 5 separate weeks on school trips and needed expert tuition in order to improve his skill level. He certainly received this and far more besides. Your team inspired confidence in him and gave him the knowledge, ability and teaching techniques to become a successful instructor. He was employed for the winter season in Rusutsu, Japan, skiing on some of the best powder snow in the world. He is now in Thredbo, Australia where he underwent 5 days of assessment before being selected as one of 17, out of 36 instructors from all over the world to be employed until mid September.

    I cannot thank you enough and fully endorse the wonderful training which you provide. You have the highest professional standards and expect the same from those who train with you. You certainly taught Ross to be resilient and to work exceptionally hard to achieve his ambition. I certainly think this stood him in good stead when competing against others for the season in Australia.

  • As Will comes to the end of his ICE course and very reluctantly heads home on Saturday I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for making his stay a resounding success. Though Will absolutely loved his time at school, he's not an academic and was surrounded by people who were more able than him. Sadly in our education system in this country a child's success is measured based on exam results and I know that at times, Will's self esteem was low.

    Thanks to his time spent on the ICE course he is now 10 feet tall and full of confidence. It was a joy to see him a couple of weeks ago , the happiest Ive seen him in his 18 years of life! Not only does he ski beautifully but he has learnt so much more about staying safe (and keeping others safe!) in the mountains. He has made lifelong friends and will reap the benefits of our investment throughout his life.

  • The ICE ISIA course is a fantastic way of completing modules in a short time frame. It is a cost effective method in comparison to travel, accommodation and lift pass to complete modules in other resort throughout the Alps. As well as completing ISIA modules it also prepares you for futures modules with ski training that is of the highest quality. I would advice anyone searching for a high quality, enjoyable ISIA course to choose ICE.
  • Just a quick email to say a massive thank you to you guys and everyone else involved with the 6 weeks of the course, they were 6 of the best weeks of my life- hands down. Your course was immense and definitely an experience that I know we will all remember for the good times! It was great to be taught by such a professional and experienced outfit.
  • Would just like to say a massive thank you for the amazing ten weeks in Val, and also the amazing training you have given us. Glad to say I have managed to get myself down under and working as an Instructor in Australia, really enjoying it, putting the skills to good use and glad Im getting the experience I wanted. Gotta say it's amazing the high level you guys at BASI have trained us in comparison to others! Cheers James
  • If Carlsberg did ski instructor courses, they probably wouldn't be as good as ICE's
  • If I said I had the time of my life, it would be an understatement
  • A really great way to spend time in a great environment with top-class instruction being delivered. It really doesn't get better than this
  • Dave's a lad!
  • What an experience, great trainers, great friends, great venue. You can't help but improve. Val d'Isere you....
  • ICE, ICE, Baby!
  • At twice the price and with no qualifications it would have been a bargain. I may learn to ski so that I can come back again.
  • Thanks guys for an incredible 10 weeks, couldn't recommend it enough to anyone. Currently trying to convince my sister that experiences like this are the reason why she should take a gap year.
  • The ICE course offers excellent training to improve your skiing to its maximum potential. Definitely worth the time and every single cent.
  • Couldn't have asked for more from my BASI training. 'Twas magic! Thank you so much for a brilliant 6 weeks.
  • A great 2 weeks. Simon, our trainer ensured that everyone gained a massive amount of technical ability whilst providing us with plenty of information to prepare us for the world of snowboard instruction. Fun and relaxed, whilst always informative and encouraging. Thank you!
  • Having done CASI 2, I can safely say that BASI 2 has been much more of a challenge, but I have really enjoyed learning new things and constantly being tested.
  • Had the time of my life, I could write an essay but really all I want to say can be summed up in two words - frikin' awesome!!
  • Best part of my gap year, a great experience xxx
  • I had a fantastic time during the course. My skiing has really improved and it has opened my eyes to a career in a sport that I love. Thanks for all the support and advice.
  • Unbelievable, unforgettable, c'est bon!
  • I think you guys have done an amazing job. What can I say, all in all, 12 out of 10.
  • Easily some of the best weeks of my life. Everyone was helpful right from signing up on the course to the day we left.
  • Truly one of the greatest things I have ever done. The skiing, the people, the place. ALL AMAZING!
  • I really like skiing, and I was good at it before. Now I am the best skier on the mountain - with the goggle marks of a God (Ski God). Life is good.
  • Just amazed at how much I learned. Just cannot wait to get out in the open and shake my stuff.
  • This course has been extremely enjoyable. The ski teaching is way above anything I have ever experienced and my skiing has improved exponentially. All other aspects of the course are a lot of fun too.
  • Plough Parallel isn't a technique, it is a lifestyle. Born to shred.....
  • The best 10 weeks of my life. Well worth waiting 2 years for. Don't want to leave
  • One of the best decisions of my life!
  • Amazing skiing, amazing people and definitely something I would do all over again!
  • Had a wicked time. 10 weeks have flown by. My personal goals have been achieved.
  • It has been unreal, really fun and I am gutted to be going. - The skiing was good too!
  • Experience of a life time. Would recommend to anyone who loves to ski.
  • One of the best decisions I made for my Gap Year. Everyone involved has been supportive and friendly. I have loved it.
  • Tres bon, messieurs, tres bon.
  • ICE, ICE, BASI !! Amazing! ♥
  • A really top course, I am going to destroy my brothers at skiing now!
  • Essentially, both an inwards and outwards quest for perfection and happiness....
  • Live fast, die young? Live too bloody fast sometimes...but die old. Vis a vis, ergo, good course!
  • ICE helped me find myself...and I love me. And I also like wedding dresses uk.
  • They told me that the older participants on the ICE 6 week course enjoyed it more and more as each week passed. This I found to be ture - highly recommended - you skiing will improve too!
  • Great skiing and a personal experience that has led me towards professional skiing.
  • I had an amazing time, improved my skiing more than I ever thought I would and from the help and advice of my trainers, I am going straight into Level 3 training.
  • Where did the 10 weeks go? Testament to a great course and instructors.
  • First class, professional training
  • Best 6 weeks of my life - it's never too late!
  • Fab course, fab people, fab time.
  • Best thing I have done in the last 10 years!
  • I loved every moment and it feels fantastic to now consider myself a Level 2 ski instructor. Thanks for everything.
  • Really enjoyed my six weeks with ICE. Met loads of great people and the skiing was top quality.
  • Loved the course, had a great six weeks, didn't regret a thing.
  • An amazing course with top instructors in the best ski resort in France

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