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What a fantastic course that was! Quite apart from the fact that logistically it would have been pretty much impossible for us to have put all that together ourselves in one season and would probably have ended up costing more at the end of the day, with going to other resorts and so on, the quality of the instruction was just incredible. Our skiing has come on a million-fold and we have bitten by the BASI bug. A massive thankyou to Ru and all of the trainers.
Jack and Elissa Dun
12 Week BASI Level 3 ISIA Seasonal Course

4 Week All Terrain Residential Course

  All terrain course
  Residential & catered
  Liftpass included

Improve your skiing with our world class team of coaches. Receive top notch ski tuition from our highly experienced, hand-picked professionals, who are the best in the business and hold the highest qualifications. Our 4 Week All Terrain Residential Course offers an incredible opportunity to transform your skiing, developing your understanding and technical ability to fully enjoy the mountain. Guided by elite coaches who have achieved the highest levels of professional excellence, you’ll excel in any environment.

This course is perfect for those seeking a short career break, providing an exceptional experience of skiing on and off-piste one of the world’s best resorts. It is ideal for those who don’t have enough time for the classic 10, 6, or 5 week courses and those looking to further their performance without pursuing instructor qualifications. You will receive the same extraordinary level of details coaching as a trainee ski instructor. 

This 4 week course begins with intensive personal performance training covering high-speed skiing, variable terrain, bumps, steep slopes, and more. You will then advance on to a specialist off-piste week, which includes ski touring, back country access and mountain safety awareness. This is followed by two weeks of half day training to consolidate and test your improvements, with an introduction to Giant Slalom and Slalom.

If you would like to augment your 4 weeks with ICE with a BASI Level 1 qualification, consider the 4 Week BASI Level 1 Residential Course. In this alternative option, the BASI Level 1 replaces the off-piste week.

On the course:

  • Personal Performance Training
  • Coaching from highly experienced professionals
  • Biomechanical assesments
  • Hands on boot fitting advice
  • Free ski testing
  • Up to 40% off your equipment
  • Off-piste/touring course
  • Training within the Performance threads
  • Avalanche awareness course
  • Race training
  • Ski tuning clinics
  • Fitness presentation
  • Psychological training
  • All training course fees
  • Accommodation for 4 weeks
  • Evening meal 5 days a week
  • Airport Transfers
  • Lift pass
  • French lessons (optional extra)
  • Male and Female mentors

Pre course:

  • Pre-course information pack through the ICE App
  • Telephone support
  • Equipment advice and equipment delivery support

After the course:

  • Professional references
  • Snowsports industry contacts
  • Ski career advice
  • Discounts on equipment
  • Further courses with BASI

Below is a timetable of the course for the 4 Weeks you will be with us in Val d'Isère.

Week 1

Personal Performance Week.

Focussing entirely on your own personal skiing, the basic fundamentals of ski technique are covered this week, and it is designed to lay the foundations for the course to come. You’ll spend full days on the hill from Monday to Friday, supplemented by evening presentations.

Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Personal performance training with a highly experienced coach
  • Core fundamentals of ski technique
  • Video analysis
  • Boot fitting advice
  • Free ski testing
  • Presentations on biomechanics, injury prevention, equipment and mountain safety

Time spent with your Trainer on the hill: 30hrs
Time spent in specialist evening presentations: 4.5 hours 
Total training time: 34.5hrs 

Week 2

Off-piste Week.

The Espace Killy is arguably one of the most extensive off-piste playgrounds in the world. Val d’Isère boasts 300km of marked pistes, and if you double that, you’re just scratching the surface of the off-piste terrain. This week with an experienced off-piste instructor offers a golden opportunity to explore some of the area’s hidden gems. Equipped with the latest transceivers and packs, you’re ready to hit the powder!

Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Mountain safety awareness with practical information
  • Ski technique input in powder and variable conditions
  • Guidance from an experienced instructor to explore places you never thought possible
  • Some of the best off-piste/backcountry skiing anywhere in the world
  • Specialist equipment to ensure your safety
  • An ear-splitting grin that may just start to hurt your cheeks
  • ICE Party – a change to let your hair down after a busy couple of weeks!

Time spent with your Trainer on the hill: 30hrs
Total training time: 30hrs

Week 3

Performance Training.

This week, you’ll build on the action plan created at the end of the first week, with a focus on increased activity in bumps and variable terrain, in preparation for the race training ahead in the final week. Training is delivered by highly experienced trainers, ensuring top-quality training.

Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Coaching from highly experienced professionals
  • Structured video analysis with further development of the outcomes in your performance
  • Experience in bumps, variable snow, steep slopes, long radius turns, and short turns

Time spent with your Trainer on the hill (inclusive of video time): 15hrs
Total training time: 15hrs

Week 4

 Race Training.

This week you will do some Giant Slalom & Slalom race training sessions with former British Masters Champion and BASI Trainer Rupert Tildesley. You will spend a significant amount of time in the gates but take time to improve your overall outcome by learning race relative drills and skills in your freeskiing as well.

Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Giant Slalom & Slalom race training with Rupert Tildesley
  • Personal performance training with a BASI Trainer
  • Timed race runs against your peers
  • Video analysis of your run in the gates

Time spent with your Trainers on the hill: 15hrs
Total training time: 15hrs 

The program above follows how the course has run in recent years but should not be viewed as a definitive itinerary which will be communicated to you week to week via the members area of the website. It can be subject to some variation depending on weather conditions and other circumstances, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Skiing Standard
We can cater for a large range of abilities since there are many groups on the course. This means, if you are already a good skier your level will be pushed with other good skiers around you. Our trainers train and assess to the highest level in BASI so there is no ceiling to your improvement. Similarly, if you are an inexperienced skier, you will be in a group with similar abilities to you so your needs will be met in that respect too. If you are looking to improve from a lower level, private tuition from one of our trainers might be more suitable. If you are unsure of your level, feel free to call us for assistance.

It is vital that you are properly insured against injury, loss of personal effects and curtailment. It is a requirment on booking that you have proper insurance in place. Please see our Insurance tab on the website for Terms & Conditions/further details.

In The Background
Whilst this is an opportunity for you to expand your horizons and get the most from the time you spend abroad, there will always be the guidance of the ICE team should things go wrong. Whether it is for a medical reason or just a shoulder to lean on, the ICE team will be there to help, should you require it.

Call us on 0870 760 7360 for more information. Choose option 3 to speak directly to a BASI trainer, who can discuss course content, accommodation, career opportunities, and answer any questions you may have about the course or skiing in general.

4 Week All Terrain Residential Course

Dates and prices

4 week full-time - Residential - All Terrain Performance
05 January - 01 February 2025
£5350 - Spaces available

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ICE provides you with world class training exclusively with BASI Trainers. This results in an important connection between training and examination. In turn, this produces unparalleled pass rates.

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