40% off for students on long course with ICE.

ICE are very proud to be affiliated with Dynastar for this coming winter. Dynastar is a legendary French brand that has built its skis around world leading athletes, its history of winning World Cup and Olympic alpine skiing events is hard to rival. The company takes pride in its victories, feats of technology and commitment to manufacturing in France. It’s the only company on French soil that now makes skis. Its collaboration with skiing partners and its base in Chamonix allows Dynastar to develop the best products and continue its passion to raise the bar in ski design. All of our coaches use Dynastar skis and love the performance they give us. The partnership we have allows our students to benefit from a fantastic pro deal which allows equipment to be bought at trade value. Below is a summary of the skis we believe will suit ICE students on our courses, more technical information can be found at www.dynastar.com

When buying equipment feel free to contact the ICE coaches before making your purchase, we are always on hand to give advice and steer you in the right direction for your upcoming course.

SPEED Course Master GS

Including SPX 12 Rockerface Hot Red bindings....Retail: £792.00 | ICE Pro price: £540.00

This is a super high performing GS ski which balances pure power with enhanced agility not found in a pure FIS race ski. This race bred feel comes from a full ash wood core and full length titanal reinforcement. The modern, reactive sidecut brings energy and fun when tipped onto the edge and gives this ski the ability to mix it up in all turn shapes. All of the ICE coaches are using these skis for their day to day coaching. We think this is a brilliant choice for strong skiers who are on our level 3 or level 4 training programmes, it gives the high end performance needed, while being agile enough to deal with different types of turns in varying conditions on the piste. The Master GS could also work well for a skier on our 10 week level 1/2 programme, as long as they ski to a very high level pre-course, and have had a bit of race experience. See more here

SPEED Omeglass Master SL

Including SPX 12 Rockerface Hot Red bindings....Retail: £790.00 | ICE Pro price: £495.00

This is essentially the same construction as the Master GS ski but comes in a much more radical sidecut to smash out smaller arcs on hard, icy conditions. It’s an amazing ski, with incredible energy and grip. It’s the most exciting ski to try out of our selection, but is very focused on those shorter arcs. If you are on our level 3 or 4 courses and have the budget for SL and GS, go for it! Otherwise we would recommend the Master GS as a good all-round choice for ultimate piste performance. See more here


Including SPX 12 Konect GW B80 bindings....Retail: £675.00 | ICE Pro price: £450.00

Advanced and expert skiers will appreciate the 963’s race inspired feel and powerful edge while carving the piste. Compared to the ‘Masters’ series, the 963’s have a lighter, hybrid wood core which makes it much easier to access high grip and performance. They have a tighter turn radius which makes them suitable for all turn shapes and are perfect for the full breadth of training on the piste. We highly recommend the 963 as the ski of choice for good skiers who are booked on our 10 week, 5 week, or 6 week training courses. See more here


Including SPX 12 Konect bindings....Retail: £495.00 | ICE Pro price: £330.00

The 763 offers up a more accessible, lighter feeling than the 963. It has a lighter core which uses a ‘Hybrid’ mix of PU and Polar wood. This ski will still perform well on the piste and will feel very comfortable in all turn shapes, it’s a great ski for skiers who want a ski that will perform well on our courses, but want something that will be easy to use, and can stay within a tighter budget. See more here

M Pro 90

Including NX 12 GX B90 bindings....Retail: £465.00 | ICE Pro price: £315.00

Designed for those that see the mountain differently. A blend of powerful precision and all terrain versatility, the all new M-Pro range is purpose built for attacking the slopes in any snow conditions. This is a ski which is definitely focused on deeper conditions and would suit skiers on our 4 week all terrain course, or for skiers who would prefer a ski which is more suited to off piste. Although it is amazing to use in powder, the ski will be more of a compromise on the hard-pack and is less suitable for prolonged training on the piste. See more here


When women's specific skis were first introduced in the ski industry, they generally came with ‘flowery’ top-sheets and very lightweight constructions! Thankfully those days are well behind us, and women’s specific skis have broadened in their range and use of technology. Women's skis have some key differences to men’s skis, they will have a greater range of shorter lengths, use lighter construction materials to decrease weight and make them easier to handle, and will also have a slightly further forward binding placement to account for differences in placement of centre of mass.


Including SPX 12 Konect B80 bindings....Retail: £630.00 | ICE Pro price: £400.00

The 9 prioritises stability and control at speed, so you can carve, steer and play around the mountain. The full length power transfer of the V-Tech design transfers power throughout the ski for maximum control through every turn. A Hybrid poplar wood core with PU gives a smooth ride and allows you to focus on making great turns. For any girls on our course, we believe this is the go to women’s specific ski for our 10 week, 5 week and 6 week level 1/2 courses. It’s the perfect balance of great performance and ease of use. See more here


40% off Shred helmets, goggles and accessories

Another fantastic offer as part of the ICE Pro Deal for students on the longer courses, ICE is delighted to partner with Shred Optics to be able to bring students world class helmets and eyewear at Pro prices.