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10 week full-time - Residential - BASI Level 1 and 2 course

5 Week BASI Level 1 & 2 Residential Course

  BASI Level 1 & 2
  Residential & catered
  Liftpass included

Gain your BASI Level 1 & 2 on the classic residential course.
The ultimate fast track course and a fantastic opportunity to spend most of the ski season in one of the worlds best ski resorts. Broaden your horizons and receive the best ski tuition on your way to a internationally recognized qualification.

The course kicks off with a week long intensive personal performance course given by BASI trainers covering all areas of skiing; long turns and short turns on the piste, bumps, steep slopes, racing, snowpark/freeride, mountain safety and offpiste awareness.

This is followed by the BASI Level 1 Course, one week of further training during the afternoons (including racing with Lynn Mill and freestyle tips) and then the BASI Level 2 Course in the last two weeks. It includes all elements required to achieve the BASI Level 2 which allows you to teach internationally in a mountain enviroment.

On the course

  • Personal performance training
  • Exclusively from BASI trainers
  • Biomechanical assesments
  • Hands on boot fitting advice
  • Free ski testing
  • Up to 40% off your equipment
  • BASI Level 1 course
  • BASI Level 2 course
  • Training within the performance threads
  • Avalanche awareness course
  • Race training with Lynn Mill
  • Freestyle clinics
  • Ski tuning clinics
  • Fitness and physiotherapy advice
  • Freeride clinics
  • Psychological training
  • All training course fees
  • Accommodation for 5 weeks
  • Evening meals 5 days a week
  • Airport transfers
  • Lift pass
  • French lessons (optional extra)
  • Male and Female mentors

Pre course:

  • Pre course information pack
  • Telephone support

Post course:

  • CV advice
  • Professional references
  • Industry contacts
  • Career advice
  • Discounts on equipment
  • Further courses with BASI

Below is a timetable of the course for the 5 Weeks you will be with us in Val d'Isère.

Week 1:

Personal Performance Week.

focussING entirely on your own personal skiing. The basic fundamentals of ski technique are covered this week and it is designed to lay the foundations for the course to come. It is full days on the hill, Monday to Friday, and a couple of hours spent off the hill going through video analysis and attending specialist presentations on biomechanics, injury prevention, equipment and mountain safety. It is a busy week, but it sets you up well for the rest of the course. Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Personal Performance Training with a BASI trainer
  • Core fundamentals of ski technique
  • Video Analysis
  • Boot fitting advice
  • Free ski testing
  • Presentation on biomechanics and injury prevention
  • Presentation on ski equipment
  • Presentation on mountain safety/avalanche awareness

Time spent with your trainer on the hill: 25hrs
Time spent with your trainer off the hill: 5hrs
Time spent in specialist evening presentations: 5hrs
Total training time: 35hrs



Week 2:

BASI Level 1 Course.

The Level 1 Instructor course is a 4 day course and is the first instructor qualification within the BASI pathway of training and grading. It is the initial step on the route to eventually becoming an internationally recognised snowsport instructor. The course aims to provide you with the basic information and skills which will enable you to develop your practical performance. You will be introduced to the Central Theme which is the BASI progression from no skiing experience through to parallel turns and you will begin to deliver some short lessons. Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • BASI Level 1 curriculum.
  • The BASI manual and course resources for this level.
  • Personal performance training.
  • Introduction to the Central Theme.
  • Introduction to the teaching principles.
  • A comprehensive action plan and review with your BASI trainer on how to develop through the rest of the course.
  • The Level 1 course ICE party - a chance to let your hair down after a busy couple of weeks!

Time spent with your trainer on the hill: 25hrs
Time spent with your trainer off the hill: 10hrs
Total training time: 35hrs



Week 3:

Performance training.

This week you will be working on the action plan created at the end of the Level 1 and also expanding the remit to the bumps and variable terrain with an eye on the Level 2 at the end of the course. Training is delivered exclusively by BASI trainers, and the quality of training is second to none. You will also do the First Aid course this week as part of the overall qualification. Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

Time spent with your trainers on the hill: 9hrs
First Aid training: 14hrs

Total training time: 23hrs



Week 4-5:

BASI Level 2 Course.

This is the second part of the BASI curriculum and the climax of the course. It is a continuously assessed course which, if successful, culminates in the much coveted Level 2 qualification. The course is physically demanding, as you will spend two blocks of five days involved in lectures, self study, skiing and teaching. Here is a summary of what to expect this week:

  • Personal performance training with a BASI trainer
  • Personal performance assessment to the Level 2 criteria
  • Teaching development sessions
  • Teaching assessment to the Level 2 criteria
  • A mid course action plan for week 2 of this course
  • A result on the last day of the course
  • The final party!

Time spent with your trainers on the hill: 55hrs
Time spent off the hill: 20hrs
Total training time: 75hrs



The program above follows how the course has run in recent years but should not be viewed as a definitive itinerary which will be communicated to you week to week via the members area of the website. It can be subject to some variation depending on weather conditions and other circumstances, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

5 Week BASI Level 1 & 2 Residential Course

Dates and prices

5 week full-time - Residential - BASI Level 1 and 2
05 January - 08 February 2025
£6550 - Spaces available

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Unparalleled pass rates.

ICE provides world class training exclusively with BASI Trainers. This provides an important connection between training and examination which, in turn, produces unparalleled pass rates.

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At the heart of the ICE training program is its highly experienced team of BASI Trainers.

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