BASI Level 3 module
Train hard with ICE and you won’t be disappointed. The training is unbeatable, and you are skiing in one of the best resorts every day. Best thing I ever did and achieved my Level 3 ISIA in just a season!
Nicole Dempster
BASI Level 3 ISIA Seasonal Training + ISIA modules

BASI Coaching Course

  BASI Coaching Course
  4 days
  BASI Level 3 module

One of the modules required for the BASI Level 3 ISIA qualification

This course takes place over 4 full days of training.

If you choose to do the Seasonal BASI Level 3 course this module is included as part of the course.

On the course:

  • All training course fees.
  • 4 days training, continual assessment.

pre course:

  • Pre course information pack
  • Telephone support

Post course:

  • CV advice
  • Professional references
  • Industry contacts
  • Career advice
  • Discounts on equipment
  • Further courses with BASI

Course outcomes

  • Able to deliver a structured training session
  • Able to deliver parts of a Long Term Athlete Development Programme (LTAD)
  • Basic skills (skiing and coaching)
  • Able to inspire and motivate
  • Have coaching and communication skills
  • Able to paint a competent picture by demonstrating
  • Have been exposed to a basic decision making process
  • Able to deal with emergency procedures
  • Able to set basic training courses (LICENCED STATUS only)
BASI Coaching Course

Dates and prices

BASI Coaching Course
09 - 12 January 2024
£435 - Spaces available

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Unparalleled pass rates.

ICE provides world class training exclusively with BASI Trainers. This provides an important connection between training and examination which, in turn, produces unparalleled pass rates.

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Meet Our Team

At the heart of the ICE training program is its highly experienced team of BASI Trainers.

Qualified to the highest level in the BASI system, with years of experience in training instructors, racers and also recreational skiers to reach their full potential, the standard of training you will receive with ICE just simply can’t be matched anywhere else!


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