Training exclusively with BASI trainers
ICE transformed my skiing beyond what I thought I was capable of, whilst giving me an experience I will never forget!
Emma Robson
10 week full-time - Residential - BASI Level 1 and 2 course

BASI Level 1 & 2 Preparation Course

  BASI Level 1 & 2 preparation
  5 half days
  World class coaching

The ICE Masterclass BASI Level 1 & 2 prep course is an amazing opportunity to transform your skiing and perfect preparation for BASI exams. You will be coached by our small, select team of trainers Mark Jones, Rupert Tildesley, Rupert Goldring and James Duffield.

All of these guys have hit the highest levels of pro coaching, they are all trainers for BASI, which means that their full time roles are to train and assess ski instructors. They will be totally focused to move you up to the next level in one week!

Coaching is either all day or half days, everyday from Monday to Friday, with a strong emphasis on developing key skills, including carving, short turns, and accurate skiing in difficult conditions to meet the assessment criteria for the specific level. In the evenings there is video feedback and presentations on various aspects of high performance skiing. There is also a strong emphasis on equipment selection and preparation, in Val d'Isere there is the opportunity to test the latest skis and have a full check of your ski boot set up.

To get perfectly in tune for the coming winter, or to be sharp enough to pass your next BASI course, there is no better option.

  • 5 half-days or full-days of quality training.
  • Video feedback.
  • Coaching from a BASI Trainer.
  • Exam preparation and level finding.

There is no specific entry criteria and because we run multiple groups, you can join at almost any level. However, it is recommended that you can ski comfortably on most pistes and are looking to further your technical skills rather than learning to ski during the early stages. If you are looking to learn to ski from a lower level, you may want to consider getting some private tuition from one of our trainers.

BASI Level 1 & 2 Preparation Course

Dates and prices

Masterclass - BASI Level 2 prep - course only - half days
26 February - 01 March 2024
£395 - Limited spaces

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Masterclass - BASI Level 2 prep - course only - half days
20 - 24 January 2025
£415 - Spaces available

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Masterclass - BASI Level 2 prep - course only - half days
24 - 28 February 2025
£415 - Spaces available

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Unparalleled pass rates.

ICE provides world class training exclusively with BASI Trainers. This provides an important connection between training and examination which, in turn, produces unparalleled pass rates.

BASI Level 1
BASI Level 2
BASI Level 3

Meet Our Team

At the heart of the ICE training program is its highly experienced team of BASI Trainers.

Qualified to the highest level in the BASI system, with years of experience in training instructors, racers and also recreational skiers to reach their full potential, the standard of training you will receive with ICE just simply can’t be matched anywhere else!


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