Cadbury Pilates

We have partnered with Cadbury Pilates, an online exercise platform to allow you to get fit for the slopes. Ski fitness can significantly reduce your risk of injury and improve your performance on the skis. There are five components to getting fit for the slopes, upper and lower body strength, core and glutes strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and proprioception and flexibility. The evidence fully supports this type of training for both professional and amateur skiers.

Kate Cadbury, the founder of Cadbury Pilates is a Chartered Physiotherapist and highly experienced pilates instructor and she has worked with professional skiers in New Zealand.

Cadbury Pilates membership allows you to access live and on demand pilates, yoga and cardio classes at anytime of day and all from the comfort of your home or chalet! There is a specific ski fit programme for you in the on demand library which will allow you to get fit for the mountains. Kate is also available for online support if you have any specific Physiotherapy questions. 

For further details visit or sign up for your membership here.