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BASI Instructor pathway

Working in France - Carte Pro

The procedure for applying for your Carte Pro has now changed, instead of first applying for your Attestation D'Equivalence and then your Carte Pro, you now only need to apply for your Carte Pro.

The easiest and fastest way of applying is online, click here

Once clicked on the above link, you will need to register with all of your details, click validate. Then choose the first option "Are you looking for the right of establishment?" leave the bottom drop down box as "Primo Demande" and click next. Then keep on following all instructions.

You will end up with a PDF of the form to apply for your Carte Pro, already filled in with all of your details. Print out copies (as per instructions online) post 2 copies of the application form with 2 copies of all documents requested online to the relevant address.

As you have completed this procedure online, they will start to process your Carte Pro immediately, once they receive all of your documents they will finish processing your Carte Pro and send to you. If this is done correctly and all relevant documents sent, you could receive your Carte Pro back within 2wks!

They may request any or all of the following documents:

  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Photocopy of your ISTD Certificate
  • Photocopy of your Speed Test Certificate
  • Photocopy of certificate proving your second language level in French
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Self addressed, stamped envelope
  • Medical Certificate (Needs to state that you are fit and healthy to teach sport. A letter from your GP will suffice.)
  • Police Report (Please note that the police report or disclosure certificate that you provide needs to have been issued within 3 months of the date of application for your Carte Pro. Once you have provided this they will request a French Bulletin No2 from the relevant authorities on your behalf.)
  • Carte Pro application form

Renew your Carte Pro

Follow the same procedure as above but in the bottom drop down box, choose "Renouvellement" and follow instructions.

Please Note: the above procedure to renew your Carte Pro has not been tested this way yet, please inform the BASI office if you do renew your Carte Pro and you are successful or not.

Application Forms

If you don't wish to apply online, please find the relevant forms below;

click here for the French form
click here for the English translation

Post to:
M. Marc Vernier
Responsable des Demandes D’Equivalence
Ministere de la Jeunesse et Des Sports
11, Avenue Paul Verlaine
BP 2428
Grenoble 38034

Please Note: applying for your Carte Pro this way (not online) may take a lot longer, anything up to 3 months.

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