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BASI Instructor pathway

200 hours of teaching experience for BASI Level 3

One of the pre-requisites for the Ski Level 3 ISIA Technical & Teaching courses is 200 hrs Teaching Experience. These hours must be completed between successful completion of the Ski Level 2 Instructor qualification and commencement of the Ski Level 3 ISIA Technical or Teaching courses of the Ski Level 3 ISIA qualification. This is done to meet the requirements for accreditation to the International Snowsport Instructors Association (ISIA). These hours can be completed on a dry slope or indoor snow slope or in a mountain environment.

Please Note: The 200 logged, signed teaching hours must be on your Snowsport School headed paper or other official document and signed by the Snowsport School Manager or Director to demonstrate proof that you have completed this requirement.

Students should have completed their hours prior to booking the Ski Level 3 ISIA Teaching or Technical course with the office to ensure they are accepted.

If you choose to do the Seasonal BASI Level 3 course, 4 out of the 6 required weeks of teaching are included as part of the course.

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