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BASI Instructor pathway

Ski Level 4 Euro Speed Test

The Euro Speed Test is an integral part of the training of Ski Instructors in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria and the UK. The test is part of the Level 4 ISTD Qualification, BASI’s highest level of qualification. The test is run to strict rules on an international basis and validated by the State in which the test is held.

BASI Members must book their places on the Eurotests via the BASI office.

Eurotest fee update - 3/11/2011

Following an announcement from the Board and the Executive on 3rd November 2011, the cost of the Eurotest will reduce from the previously announced amount of £150 to £95. A £40 discount will be applicable to the first Eurotest booking made by a member after 1st January 2012. In order to receive the discount you will have to call the BASI office to book. There will be no retrospective refunds. For further information regarding the change to the booking fee click here

Equipment Rules for the Eurotest

Helmets - the wearing of a safety helmet is compulsory. It should be a model designed for downhill skiing and must have a hard cover over the ears and be without a chin guard.

Skis - Caindidates are required to have one ski on each foot. The skis must be fit for purpose. BASI consider that candidates, by this stage in their development, should be aware of what is suitable for Giant Slalom racing. If in doubt consult the FIS equipment rules. The following of the FIS rules for GS skis is no longer mandatory for participants entering the Eurotest so should be treated as guidance only.

Application Procedure

Individuals must apply via BASI for a place at the test.
Please Note: the application will be forwarded to the relevant authority on receipt.

Applications/Bookings must be received before the last entry date.
It will NOT be possible to book onto the test after the closing date under ANY circumstances.

At the time of booking it is required that each candidate pays a booking fee of: (TBA)

For all tests booked for Italy, Austria and Germany, you will be charged an extra entry fee, either prior to the test or on the day of the test. This will be confirmed once we have all information for the relevant test.

To ensure your entry is processed in time it is strongly advised that Eurotests are booked with BASI at least two weeks before the last entry date. Confirmation of your entry to French Eurotests and the exact date will be issued and sent to you by the JDS in France. BASI cannot guarantee that entries will be accepted by France or any other country at any time.

Rules and Procedures

The test is a giant slalom run within FIS Regulations. Openers will have been calibrated at the start of the season and will each be issued with a coefficient for adjusting their times to 0 points. The openers will set a base time which is adjusted using the coefficient for each opener to 0 FIS points, the pass standard for men will be 0 FIS points + 18% and for women will be 0 FIS + 24%.

Please Note: Crash helmets are compulsory. All candidates must carry their passports with them to the start so that they may be identified.

Euro Speed Test Dates & Venues

All information regarding Dates & Venues will be updated on this page, once we receive the information from the different countries.

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